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Apply for an EziLend boat loan and get pre-approval. That's easy!

Ezilend Newcastle Boat Loans

Get Out On The Water! Newcastle’s Fast, Easy & Secure Online Boat Loans.

Ezilend Newcastle Boat Finance offers loans over $5,000 from our panel of Australia’s top marine finance lenders. So if you are looking to get a boat and take to the water for a fishing adventure, or take the family cruising on your catamaran, Ray and his team can help. Let us help you get the best possible deal on your boat loan, so you find your dream maritime vessel.

Easy Online Boat Loan Application

Setting sail on the open waterways in your own boat is a priceless experience. And without considerable cash savings, you will need a boat loan to make your dreams a reality. Boat loans are easy to apply for using our simple online form. You can start the process using our boat loan calculator to see what the repayments would look like for loans of differing amounts. To get started with fast pre-approval, click on Start Pre-Approval. Within minutes, Ray and the Newcastle team will have your information and be ready to help.

The application process is typically fast for boat loans when you have all your financial information ready. Lenders will look at your credit score, income and ability to repay the loan over the loan period. Ezilend Newcastle’s boat finance team know what you need to get your loan approved. So contact the experts in boat finance to get your boat loan application moving in the right direction.

Boat Loan Service Areas Include The Following Local Areas:

Newcastle Lismore
Gosford Coffs Harbour
Bathurst Port Macquarie
Orange Forster
Parkes Moree
Dubbo Narrabri


The Advantages Of Pre-Approval For Boat Finance

Our Boat Loans can be pre-approved so that you know exactly what you can afford before you start shopping. Marine finance can be tricky, and some of the large banks may not offer the best terms if you contact them directly. This is where your local boat finance broker in Newcastle can help out. We know what is needed to secure a great loan with terms that suit your budget and lifestyle needs. With pre-approved boat finance, you can be assured of your loan amount. The advantage is that you can shop with confidence and drive a great deal with the boatyards. When buying a boat, knowledge is power. So make sure you are prepared with your finances pre-approved and boating questions ready when you head out shopping.

Secured and Unsecured Boat Finance Newcastle

Financing a boat with a personal loan can be achieved with either unsecured or secured financing. Boat loan interest rates and loan terms will vary from lender to lender. Banks and financial institutions set interest rates based on their specific lending criteria, including the loan size, your income, credit score and whether the loan is secured by the boat or unsecured. With Ezilend Newcastle, we will work with you and the lender to get the best possible rates and terms.

Boat loans are repaid in weekly, fortnightly, or monthly instalments to suit your budget, with loan terms commonly two to seven years. Securing the loan with the boat as the asset makes good sense and can result in better terms. Lenders typically offer better interest rates on secured boat loans over unsecured finance.

Newcastle Is Your Best Local Finance Broker

Newcastle Ezilend is the best local broker for fast application and approval. We manage car loans, caravan loans and bike loans. We will go the extra mile to help you secure a boat loan that suits your budget and your lifestyle. If you are ready to get started with a new boat, choose Ezilend Newcastle to find you the best possible loan.

Can I Get A Boat Loan With Bad Credit?

Marine finance is generally subject to higher credit and underwriting standards than what we see for cars. Due to the more significant nature of these loans, it is common for many lenders to accept applicants with better credit. However, Ezilend Newcastle will work with you. We have lenders that will consider individuals with past credit issues, so we will do our very best to see if we can get you the best possible rates and terms for the boat finance you need.

Ray and the Ezilend Newcastle team know the ins and outs of Boat Finance. So if you are interested in securing a great boat loan with your local lender, get started today with your pre-approval. Then, to skip the queue and fast-track your boat loan application, you can submit your financials and other details online too. Our direct lending system will allow you to complete your application in full within minutes. Your local boat finance brokers will then contact you to go over any finer details required.

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